With today’s technology and advanced designs, hearing aids come in many different styles and colors, and have multiple functions and features. Colman’s Hearing Solutions has locations in Palm Springs, Boynton Beach, and Jupiter, Florida and offers many brands of hearing aids from top manufacturers.

Hearing aids can provide comfort and ease in your daily activities, while also keeping your overall hearing health at a maximum level. They can also provide your brain with what is required to make sense of everyday sounds for a hearing experience that’s uncomplicated.


Hearing instruments work with your brain and nerve pathways to stimulate cognitive function and to recognize sounds that travel through the outer ear, the middle ear, and then to the inner ear. Watching TV, participating in conversations in noisy environments, listening to music, and video chatting, all become easier and less strenuous with hearing aids – even from a distance.

We can help guide you through the process of choosing which hearing aids fit your needs and lifestyle. With our personalized treatment plans, guidance and follow-up care, we provide you the key to living your life without the worry of hearing and communication challenges.

Colman’s Hearing Solutions offers sales, service and reprogramming of the following brands:









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