Ear Care & Cleaning

ear-care-1At Colman’s Hearing Solutions, we provide professional earwax removal and education so you can continue safe ear care at home.

Surprisingly, earwax, also called cerumen, is actually good for your ears. It protects your ears from dust and shedding skin cells. These particles are trapped by the wax in your ears and then come out of the ear canal by jaw motion. If you don’t have enough earwax in your ear canal, it can actually become dry and uncomfortable.

The ear canal can easily be impaired with any type of aggressive home cleaning. NEVER put anything in your ears: hairpins, a twist of fabric, or even a cotton swab. These items can injure the sensitive skin in your ears and even damage your eardrum. Putting foreign objects into your ear can actually compact earwax and cause more hearing issues.

Professional Ear Cleaning

We provide professional ear cleaning, but not everyone has a need for it. Some of our patients come to us with excessive earwax production or they have narrow ear canals that make professional ear cleaning necessary. Our staff begins with a medical assessment before they start the earwax removal process.

If you experience the following, you may need professional ear cleaning at Colman’s Hearing Solutions:

  • Partial hearing loss
  • Ringing or noises in the ear
  • Earache or internal pain
  • Plugged ears
  • Odor or discharge
  • Itching

Our staff uses special instruments, a microscope, and a suction device to safely remove earwax and other debris from the ear canal. If you have narrow ear canals, diabetes or a weakened immune system, we take every step to insure your special needs are considered.

At Home Ear Care

After a professional cleaning at Colman’s Hearing Solutions, we provide you with information on how you can help keep your ears clean at home using the safe methods.

Treatments that can safely soften and remove wax at home include:

  • Oil or glycerin drops
  • Commercial ear drops
  • Detergent drops (including hydrogen peroxide)

Excessive earwax is a common problem. If you experience impacted earwax, routine ear cleanings at Colman’s Hearing Solutions will help prevent hearing problems and discomfort.

Call our office today at 561-434-9944 to setup your appointment for a professional ear cleaning.